We Need Ushers

Ushers are a vital part of each concert and help ensure a pleasant experience for the patrons.

Duties include: handing out programs, scanning tickets, and directing people to their assigned seats. As an added benefit, you are entitled to stay and enjoy a FREE ASO concert!

Please indicate you would like to usher when you join the Guild and respond “yes” when you are called. Even if you cannot be present at every concert, we need everyone to take an active role. Ushers must be active Guild members.

To join the usher group, please contact Ethan Frazier.

Musician Appreciation

This committee strives to let our ASO musicians feel appreciated by hosting special recognition events. Typically this involves providing a meal prior to a performance. Volunteers are needed to help with setup and cleanup for these events. These events also give volunteers the opportunity to meet and interact with our ASO musicians.

Hospitality and Musical Programs

Our regular ASOG meetings most often include a wonderful musical performance and the hospitality of our hosts in a private home. The committee takes care of all the details, as well as plans the Spring and Fall Luncheons at a local country club or the Governor’s Mansion. Volunteers are needed to help secure hosts for the monthly meetings, collect payment for lunches, help with setup and cleanup at meetings, and send printed invitations for the two Luncheons.

Guild Notes

The quarterly newsletter keeps us informed and engaged in the ASOG’s work. Reporters, writers, photographers—we need you all to submit items to the Guild Notes editor. We also need committee members to print and mail copies of the newsletter for members without email. To volunteer e-mail Camille Williams, cbwbooks@gmail.com.


In addition to soliciting membership renewals each year, this committee maintains a membership database with member data and the member’s areas of volunteer interest within the ASOG.

New Member Mentoring

There is no better way to become acquainted with the ASOG than by having “experienced” members mentor new members. Experienced members welcome and illustrate what we do and how we do it. The added bonus for the ASOG is to have new members bring their creativity and talent to further enhance what we do! This committee pairs experienced ASOG members with new members to help them learn about the ASOG, to become engaged with our activities, and feel welcome.

Public Relations

This committee promotes the ASOG and its activities by working with a variety of media sources to promote and publicize ASOG events, special dates and accomplishments.


The Yearbook is the annual directory listing current members, ASOG leadership, calendar of activities and other ASOG information. This committee gathers the information, prepares the book for printing and works with the printer to complete printing and mailing/distribution.